Online Trade-ordering

by BlueAlligator


Cost effective and poweful B2B Web Shop

  • Very low starting threshold and cost effective

  • Easy updating and management of your product information

  • Map your own data extracts from your back office system

  • Any modern browser can be used





CloudeCart - Online Trade-ordering



The very simple and cost effective online, B2B shopping cart


Blue Alligator’s CloudCart™ Trade shopping cart is a great way to sell more to your existing customers.


  • CloudCart
  • Effective sales
  • Back Office integration

Online Trade-ordering – CloudCart

CloudCart is a very simple and cost effective online, trade shopping cart with easy updating and management of your product information. It’s a great way to sell more to your existing customers, as well as to attract new customers, by giving them online access to your product catalogues, and enabling them to place orders directly.

It’s a trade order management system that’s so easy that you can do all of the configuration yourself!

For existing users of SalesPresenter our sales rep app, it’s even easier! We simply ‘switch on’ CloudCart for you, because it uses the same product information used by SalesPresenter and the sames interfaces for taking the online orders and feeding them directly into your main order processing system – but with an analysis code that shows they are from the trade-ordering site.

CloudCart allows your existing customers to log in (with password) and write their own orders from your uploaded data using their own PC (or other internet connected device). Whether you have customer-specific or tiered pricing, or customer-specific discounts, these are all applied within CloudCart. And what better way for customers to place repeat orders quickly, and with ease!!

New customers can: Register with your service, review products, place orders and much more. Take immediate payment through in-built links to payment gateways such as Sage Pay or PayPal.


Effective sales with CloudCart

Customer care are for any selling company of extreme importance. Keywords are quality, simplicity and control. With CloudCart you give your customers the possibility to order products, view order history and backorders, get the latest stock and sales at no cost around the clock.

Simply incorporate a “Go to Trade Ordering” button in your web site. This will link your customers to a login/password where they can write their own orders. Alternatively you could simply supply a direct link for CloudCart to your customer.

Whether you have customer-specific or tiered pricing, or customer-specific discounts, these are all applied within CloudCart.

The customer can also enquire on existing orders/invoices and ordering history.

The nice thing with CloudCart is the tight integration with SalesPresenter. Both systems share the same information in the cloud. All of this for no extra effort and you have one set of interfaces for all your external ordering!!


Easy Back Office Integration

Talk to us about integrating our cloud-based products with your back office systems (for automatic sales order upload, and for extraction of your product, customer and stock data).

Our synchronisation module eliminates the effort associated with keeping your sales system up-to-date (with product, customer, and stock info). A number of existing ERP Connector products are available to established ERP/Order Processing applications.

SalesPresenter and CloudCart been linked up with all of the major ERP systems including:

And many more…


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