Sales Rep App

by BlueAlligator


Leading Catalogue/Order-taker and Sales Rep System

  • Browse an unlimited number of catalogues with ease

  • Look more professional both at tradeshows and on-the-road

  • Map your own data extracts from your back office system

  • Only updates data fields that have changed since the previous update

  • Available on all Apple® devices





SalesPresenter - Sales Rep App



World-leading iPad-based Catalogue/Order-taker and Sales Rep System

Order taker for the Apple® iPad™, iPhone™ and iPod touch™


Blue Alligator’s SalesPresenter™ Order-Taking App is a serious sales rep software for photo catalogue based, mobile order-taking. It’s used both by professional sales teams and independent sales reps/agents.


  • SalesPresenter
  • Effective sales
  • Sales reports
  • Back Office integration

Mobile Order Taker

The modern answer for wholesalers and importers, which allows you, the sales rep, to create engaging product catalogues for use within your order-taking/writing process.

Look more professional both at tradeshows and on-the-road. Engage your buyers through the easy creation of brands, styles and themes. Save effort, time and money on processing your customer orders.

Link to your main Order Processing/Stock Control system via the secure BlueAlligator Cloud to get updates on stock, prices and customer info directly to the point-of-sale. Standard interfaces available for Sage and other popular packages.

Map your own data extracts from your back office system and update your devices as often as you want.

Multi-Company, ideal for Agents who sell on behalf of several companies.

Create new customer accounts directly on the iPad.

Cloud based data account with 500MB free storage.

Get SalesPresenter: app store link


The future is now

Time is money and up-to-date information is crucial. Having the latest product information, stock status, customer backorders as well as previous customer meeting notes in your hands is today reality.

Customer and product information is coming directly from your ERP system when the connection is made.

Products on sale, promotions etc. are all real-time information.

Bring customer order history with you and use in the sales process.

SalesPresenter allows you to have multiple delivery addresses per customer. Decide during order taking if more addresses should be delivered with the same order.


Sales rep and customer dashboard

With two different dashboards, all relevant sales information can be monitored.

The sales rep dashboard displays order summary reports. This reports gives you a summary of order taken for a given range of dates, reps and customers.

The backorder summary report gives you the situation with backorders taken for a range of customers and reports.

In the customer dashboard only information for the selected customer is displayed. If allowed you can add a new address. You can view balance and credit limits. If your connected ERP system is keeping track of backorder information, the dashboard will show this information.

Extensive ledgers and notes information are also available.


Easy Back Office Integration

Talk to us about integrating our cloud-based products with your back office systems (for automatic sales order upload, and for extraction of your product, customer and stock data).

Our synchronisation module eliminates the effort associated with keeping your sales system up-to-date (with product, customer, and stock info). A number of existing ERP Connector products are available to established ERP/Order Processing applications.

SalesPresenter and CloudCart have been linked up with all of the major ERP systems including:

And many more…


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