Mobile Engineering Catalog



mCatalog – Electronic product catalog for mobile devices

Universal app for product information

  • Tablet application
  • Synchronize and view when off-line
  • Local search of loaded content
  • Synchronize content and be up-to-date

Manage content on-line

  • Cloud based Back-Office
  • Upload content to cloud
  • Predefined settings for many types of content
  • Omnichannel ready


Dynamic content

  • Dynamic contents are stored in a special container with embedded logic
  • Dynamic means images, texts and data are combined on the fly
  • Static content like PDFs can be loaded and reused locally


Combine any content type in mCatalog

PDF files, videos, text files, all arranged and easy to find.


mCatalog app

mCatalog is the tool to read product content on a tablet. Organized and grouped as product catalogues. Content in mCatalog can be static files such as PDF, Word, videos or dynamic content where text and image are put together at run-time. Downloaded documents, static or dynamic are saved and organized locally. Static documents from the a web address may be downloaded and organized into mCatalog.

mCatalog cloud

mCatalog cloud provides search capabilities to find descriptions and an opportunity to save references to descriptions. mCatalog automatically loads the documents saved as references when the app starts or gets synchronized with the cloud. Downloaded documents to the mCatalog are tagged and can then be searched and used locally – even in an off-line mode.

Dynamic content

Dynamic content in mCatalog means that a database component that contains all descriptions, logic, article data, images and menu system is downloaded and used in mCatalog. The dynamic content is created by utilizing features i the cloud. Texts, images, product data and categorization is entered into a database that contains the complete material for the process to be described.

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